2022 Angel Tree

As many of you know, we are a foster family and a large reason for us opening our Brick and Mortar store was so we could do more things for children in foster care. The first project we took on was in November/December when we set up an Angel Tree for families who could use help providing Christmas for the children in their homes.

What a turn-out!! We had so many people offering to help these families, we ran out of Angel Requests! We only took twenty children to start out with, because it was our first year and we wanted to make sure everyone would be covered. We could have taken twenty more!  

The Cove Church asked us if we could use the remainder of the Christmas Donations they had received from their congregation after all of their children had been taken care of. We were pretty sure we could, but we contacted DSS just to be sure and asked if all of their children's wishes had been fulfilled. Sadly, they had not, but fortunately, we would be able to provide Christmas for them too.

We are so grateful for all our community has done to help these children celebrate Christmas! Many thanks to all of you!! We cannot express how much we absolutely thank you for your kind hearts and generous donations.

Stay tuned for our next project..... Breezy's Bears! We will be providing backpacks or bags with much-needed essentials for children entering foster care. Each one will have a teddy bear in it for love. Sadly, most children arrive with little to nothing and the "little" normally arrives in a garbage bag. (Our most recent child arrived with the clothes on his back, a bottle, and an extra shirt).  Follow along with us, as we develop this program.

May 2023 bring you much Health, Joy, And Happiness!!

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